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What do others say about Alfred Unger?

  • "I've known Alfred for 4 years and have witnessed his enthusiastic and professional approach on several occasions​. He has a passion for helping others and leads with a high level of honesty and integrity." - Lee C.

  • "Alfred is passionate and committed to "doing it right" along with the need to concentrate on what is important. Alfred is an exceptional communicator." - Michael S. 

  • "Alfred is an honest and competent business person with a great work ethic. He builds strong relationships quickly and easily, and puts the needs of others ahead of his own. If you are looking for an honest evaluation in a situation involving your business, Alfred will give that to you. Along with the evaluation will come innovative and cost effective ideas to solve the issues." - Woody M.

  • "Alfred is knowledgeable, friendly and efficient in his field. He is very quick to respond to queries and proactive in his problem-solving approach. An absolute pleasure to work with." - Shannon F

  • "Alfred has been such a big help with our small business! I could not say enough about how much help he has been!" - Chelsea B.

  • "Alfred was quick to respond, helping me to understand my issue." - Wayne S.


We strive for excellence in all we do. We do not seek perfection, just the best version of ourselves that we can be. This has been a lifelong value for our family. 

Who Is Alfred Unger?

Alfred Unger is a compulsive builder & problem-solver who has the heart of a teacher, and is committed to helping other entrepreneurs prosper. He’s helped large and small clients build thriving operations. 


In the corporate world he has helped his clients save millions of dollars per year, by developing more efficient processes and creating risk management software, that they’ve used across North America.


In small business he’s helped entrepreneurs avoid bankruptcy, and has mentored others through potentially crippling circumstances.


Alfred is a seasoned businessman who has experienced the many highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey, and is committed to helping others thrive in a business they love.

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